SPP has extensive experience in infomercial and direct response DRTV commercial production. We work at all levels from creative and script development and execution through finished, edited direct response commercial or infomercials ready for air. We can consult and educate you as to all the different aspects of the infomercial business model. We can provide you with the contacts into media buying experts, fulfillment companies, call center specialists and all other important partners to take your product to the next level of success.


What is an infomercial?

An infomercial is an ‘informational commercial’ – A television program that runs time format longer than traditional television commercials. Infomercial lengths can be 28:30; 15:15 or even as short as five Minutes.

What’s the difference between an infomercial and a direct response commercial?

An infomercial has a longer program length. A Direct Response commercial is usually a 1 minute or 2 minute commercial “Call To Action” (CTA) for your product. Often times a 2 minute DR commercial is actually the a CTA segment that is seen multiple times in a longer lengthed infomercial.

How are results measured for an infomercial?

One of the great advantages of infomercials is that they are incredibly accountable. Within a few hours, you are able to determine how many people responded to a specific broadcast and how profitable it was.

Once the Media Efficiency Ratio (MER) is determined, it can become highly predictable as to how much you will make every time your program airs.

How do I determine if I need an Infomercial vs. a Direct Response Commercial?

DR Commercial (Short Format)
Lower production cost
Lower price point ($9.95 to $29.95)
Good for driving retail
Simpler storyline

Infomercial (Long Format)
Higher production cost
Higher price point ($29.95 or more)
Complex storyline

I have so many more questions – How can you help?

We can consult and educate you as to all the different aspects of the infomercial and direct response commercial production process and business model.