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DRTV Commercial for Hoodeez by SPP

SPP recently finished production on a DRTV campaign for Hoodeez.

Hoodeez is a fun, new pet that when folded up is  a pillow, but unfolds into a cool hoody.

The one day location shoot featured kids with all different Hoodeez friends and demonstrates the unique characteristics of the direct response product.

This kind of production fits a pretty specific formula of accomplishing a finished 2 minute direct response commercial in a one-day shoot. This kind of production allows for the most cost-effective approach to launching direct response products.

SPP handled all aspects of production from script the post production.



Case Study – Necknapperz

Necknapperz is a unique pillow cushion that flips with a zip to a plush kid’s toy. This 2 minute DRTV campaign was produced from script thru post by SPP.

SPP has produced many ‘As Seen On TV’ campaigns for kids and toys. This genre of DRTV spot ha some very specific requirement in order to pass the strict rules of the major children’s television networks.

For Necknapperz, SPP felt a fun, music driven approach was the right combination for success. The music score was custom created and casting required kids with strong dance backgrounds.

The project was shot in one-day with a home location interior providing the stage for most of the scenes. In addition, the dance sequences were also shot on location on a large portable green screen.

Case Study – Yo-X

Yo-X was an ‘As Seen On TV’ commercial for a dynamic, exciting new Yo-Yo product.

The commercial was shot on-location in a shopping mall with Yo-Yo experts showing off the ‘sick’ tricks that Yo-X can do.

Spokesperson Pete Postiglione was the anchor to this fast-paced, colorful commercial.