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SPP Produces DRTV Campaign for OrthoShock

The OrthoShock test lab was the location for a new series of DRTV commercials for OrthoShock, an orthotic shoe insert.

Featuring spokesperson David Jones, the test lab set was built in a South Florida studio.

One particularly interesting aspect of this product was that it contains a non-newtonian property to absorb impact. When you hit the surface of the liquid with a hammer, amazingly, it rebounds! To illustrate this property, SPP created a pool with hundreds of gallons of non-newtonian fluid for a Mr. Wizard-style demonstration. Spokesperson Jones jumps into the pool of fluid and actually runs on its surface for a dramatic climax to the commercial.

SPP handled the full production from script through post production.

OrthoShock02 OrthoShock01



SPP Produces DRTV Campaign for Shape Skirt

A stylish skirt that also provides slimming and shaping characteristics? What’s not to love?

This DRTV 2-Minute commercial introduced the world the ‘Shape Skirt’ a stylish skirt from the makers of Jeaneez. Shape Skirt features unique body shaping and sculpting capabilities that no other skirt has. The objective of this commercial was to introduce Shape Skirt in a fun, fashion-forward way.

Shape Skirt is a perfect example of successful DRTV. It falls in the perfect 3/$19.95 price category and looks good. When looking at products that might have a successful ‘As Seen On TV’ campaign, this price point hits the ‘sweet spot’. The Call-To-Action (CTA) builds the offer from the initial one for 19.95 to one consumers can’t resist with a Buy One, Get Two Free offer. When crafting a DRTV spot, the approach taken in the CTA is critical – sometimes we recommend testing multiple offers to find the one that performs the best. Many factors can come into play with regards to the positioning of the offer and this is where experience and knowledge of these techniques can make or break the campaign

Shot on location, and in a green-screen studio setting, the spot was written, directed and edited by Steve Procko.

Tennis Legend Boris Becker and Magic Copper.

What’s New – SPP produces infomercial for ‘Magic Copper’ with tennis legend Boris Becker.

SPP recently completed production a both a short and long-form DRTV commercial for the Magic Copper/Elite Copper brand of sportswear compression products. SPP provided full creative services from script development through post production for this production.

This is a long-form infomercial, timing in at 14:15. The creative approach was to feature tennis legend Boris Becker and NFL network personality Barry LeBrock on a set court side. The locations used in this shoot was the Delray Beach Tennis Center, home to many tennis championships, an upscale mansion in Fort Lauderdale as well as mountain bike trails, parks, medical offices and more.

beckerBTS02 beckerBTS01

Tennis Legend Boris Becker and Director/Cameraman Steve Procko lining up shots for Magic Copper/Elite Copper. Note the GoPro Hero 4 mounted to the racquet and stage in the foreground on the court.

When working with sports personalities, each has their own specific needs and requirements. For the most part, they all have a limited amount of time that they can be available for production. It is critical that the production company be very organized in the approach of each shoot day in order to maximize the amount of shots accomplished.

For this shoot, Mr. Becker was available for two days of production – one for the tennis stadium location and on for lifestyle shots, representing him in his home. In addition, many scenes were shot in both English and German for use during the production european roll-out.

Additionally, Director/Cameraman Steve Procko used five different cameras configured for a number of different situations from high-end Sony broadcast cameras to GoPros rigged on a tennis racquet. The GoPro provided some iconic shots within the infomercial of Mr. Becker hitting on the Delray Beach Tennis Center’s championship courts

GoPro-ISO-Shots01 GoPro-ISO-Shots02 GoPro-ISO-Shots03

Tennis Legend Boris Becker hitting with racquet equipped with a GoPro Hero 4

Elite Copper products combine copper and magnetic therapy into compression sportswear garments for the wrist, elbow, back knee and ankle.

The commercials were being run world wide, with initial runs in Europe and the United States.







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