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Location Shooting for Boogie Board Sync

SPP recently completed a series of instructional videos for Boogie Board Sync.

The multi-day shoot took place in and around Cleveland, Ohio and featured lifestyle scenes of people using the innovative Bookie Board Sync tablet in many different settings. Additionally, a day was spent shooting a detailed instructional video near the company’s headquarters in Kent, Ohio.

Lifestyle footage will be used in conjunction with an upcoming product launch campaign on Home Shopping Network.

synch03 synch04


SPP Produces DRTV Campaign for OrthoShock

The OrthoShock test lab was the location for a new series of DRTV commercials for OrthoShock, an orthotic shoe insert.

Featuring spokesperson David Jones, the test lab set was built in a South Florida studio.

One particularly interesting aspect of this product was that it contains a non-newtonian property to absorb impact. When you hit the surface of the liquid with a hammer, amazingly, it rebounds! To illustrate this property, SPP created a pool with hundreds of gallons of non-newtonian fluid for a Mr. Wizard-style demonstration. Spokesperson Jones jumps into the pool of fluid and actually runs on its surface for a dramatic climax to the commercial.

SPP handled the full production from script through post production.

OrthoShock02 OrthoShock01



Case Study – Uglu

Uglu was a highly successful campaign written and produced by SPP. The commercial features spokesperson David Jones in the Uglu testing lab set, trying the many different ways to use Uglu.

Products like this require great demos to represent to the audience how the product works. Traditionally, the demos build to a ‘wow’ demo, in this case, sticking the spokesperson to the wall!

Uglu enjoyed several years of success as an ‘As Seen On TV Product’, and SPP produce to other commercials with spokesperson David Jones for this product.

Case Study – MacBond Fuze

MacBond Fuze was another ‘As Seen On TV’ product from the manufacturers of Uglu. It once again featured spokesperson David Jones as well as Debi Marie and was shot both on-location and in the studio.

How do you create a wow demo introducing a great new product? You show how it works mounting products upside down in a room! This incredible set and camera sequence offered a great pay-off scene to the DRTV commercial.