SPP Produces DRTV Campaign for Shape Skirt

A stylish skirt that also provides slimming and shaping characteristics? What’s not to love?

This DRTV 2-Minute commercial introduced the world the ‘Shape Skirt’ a stylish skirt from the makers of Jeaneez. Shape Skirt features unique body shaping and sculpting capabilities that no other skirt has. The objective of this commercial was to introduce Shape Skirt in a fun, fashion-forward way.

Shape Skirt is a perfect example of successful DRTV. It falls in the perfect 3/$19.95 price category and looks good. When looking at products that might have a successful ‘As Seen On TV’ campaign, this price point hits the ‘sweet spot’. The Call-To-Action (CTA) builds the offer from the initial one for 19.95 to one consumers can’t resist with a Buy One, Get Two Free offer. When crafting a DRTV spot, the approach taken in the CTA is critical – sometimes we recommend testing multiple offers to find the one that performs the best. Many factors can come into play with regards to the positioning of the offer and this is where experience and knowledge of these techniques can make or break the campaign

Shot on location, and in a green-screen studio setting, the spot was written, directed and edited by Steve Procko.